# Broker Equipment

This is an addon for the popular MMORPG "World of Warcraft".
It can be downloaded at [Curse](http://curse.com/addons/wow/broker_equipment) or at [WoWInterface](http://wowinterface.com/downloads/info12641).

## Description

Broker Equipment is a plugin for [DataBroker](https://github.com/tekkub/libdatabroker-1-1/wiki), and will require a [display](https://github.com/tekkub/libdatabroker-1-1/wiki/addons-using-ldb#data-display-addons-) to work.
It displays and lets you use the [Equipment Manager](http://wowwiki.com/Equipment_Manager) much easier.

It has the following features:

- Shows the current equipped set by name and icon.
- Click to open a menu for easy equipment changing.
- Right-click to open the Equipment Manager.
- In the menu, Shift-click to update the selected set with the currently equipped gear.
- In the menu, Ctrl-click to delete the selected set.
- Any sets in red color indicates missing items
- Selecting a set in combat equips weapons and queues the rest until combat is dropped.
	- The name of the set is colored yellow until equipped.

## Translating

If you'd like to help translate this project, please follow this link:

## Feedback

If you have a question, please use the comments section on Curse/WoWInterface.
If you would like to report a bug or contribute to the project, please follow [this link](https://github.com/p3lim-wow/Broker_Equipment/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md) to get started.

## Legal

Please see the [LICENSE](https://github.com/p3lim-wow/Broker_Equipment/blob/master/LICENSE.txt) file.