Configuration information for DaedhirUI 3.1 for World of Warcraft 4.0.6


You shouldn't have to enable out of date addons anymore.  You should probably
be running at a widescreen resolution, preferably 1680x1050.  Running
at non-widescreen resolutions will require quite a bit of tinkering to get
everything looking right.

Let's get everything configured.

1. Start up WoW.

2. Load up your main character.

At this point, things should already be looking pretty good.  You will see a
configuration window for the SmartBuff addon.  You should configure this addon
to your liking and as appropriate for your class.  I recommend turning off the
minimap button, since it's on the broker bar up top.

3. Type the following in your chat window:

/reflux switch Default

This is CASE SENSITIVE.  So make sure you capitalize "Default".

This makes all of the AddOns with profiles switch to using the Default profile.

If you copied over the layout-local.txt file included with the UI, YOU SHOULD
BE DONE AT THIS POINT.  If you didn't you may have to move a couple of
pieces of the UI.  Here's how to do that if you need to.

a. Move the chat box.

The chat box needs to be unlocked.  Right click the tab on top of it, and
choose "unlock."  You can then drag the chat box by the tab.  Move it so the
upper right corner of the chat box fits on the UI panel on the left.  Then
click and drag the right and bottom edges until the chat frame fits into the

b. Move the minimap.

The minimap will probably be slightly off screen.  Just click and drag anywhere
in the minimap center to move it.

One last note.  Dominos will now be using the Default profile.  However, this
isn't necessarily the best for every class, particularly classes like pallies
and druids who have lots of auras/stances.  In the Dominos configuration box
(ESC, Interface, AddOns, Dominos) there is a Profiles section.  Just choose
your class, and you should get a sensible layout for your auras.

I hope you enjoy the UI.  Please leave any feedback at my UI blog: