Changes 5.0.1 | 2012 Sep 30
- Updated TOC for WoW 5.0
- Fixed bug whith broken Blizzard talents and glyphs

Changes 4.3.1 | 2011 Dec 4
- Updated for WoW 4.3
- Fixed bug whith saved varable
- Fixed with options

Changes 4.0.1b | 2010 Oct 19
- Updated for WoW 4.0
- New version Number! :D

Changes 2.40 | 2007 Oct 02
- Changed the TOC version to 20200 for the 2.2.0 patch.
- Should no longer give any errors on certain unit frames or elsewhere.
- Added "Thrallmar" to the faction list, missed it somehow, probably due to me not being horde.
- Corrected a few XML errors which caused a few color selection boxes to not show.

Changes 2.39 | 2007 Jun 19
- Removed the Unitframe hook, which is no longer needed. To get unit tips to show on normal Blizzard unit frames, disable "Show Beginner Tooltips" in the Interface Options.
- Corrected the problem with tips not showing for other unit frames than the normal Blizzard ones, which happened last version when I added the ALT key fix.
- The bug with stacking unit hints in raid frames such as CTRA should now be fixed.
- Fixed a problem where it would show pets in your party or raid with wrong healthbar text.

Changes 2.38 | 2007 Jun 01
- Updated the TOC to 20100.
- The unit tooltips now automatically refresh their data twice every second.
  This also fixes the problem with guild name not showing if you have player names disabled.
- Added "Ogri'la" and "Sha'tari Skyguard" to the list of factions.
- Fixed an anchor issue when you pressed the ALT modifier and having the mouse over your actionbuttons.

Changes 2.37 | 2007 May 21
- Fixed Compact mode which got broke in 2.35.

Changes 2.36 | 2007 May 20
- Fixed a bug relating to buff & debuff icons.

Changes 2.35 | 2007 May 20
- Many small code changes and tweaks.
- Corrected a bug that would give the error: "bad argument #1 to 'find' (string expected, got nil)" on line 883.
- Split up the XML file, the option dialog now has its own file (planning to make the option dialog Load on Demand).
- Unit levels no longer con to you just because they are pvp enabled, you have to be able to attack them, or they able to attack you.
- Added Ashtongue Deathsworn, Netherwing and Tranquillien to the list of factions.
- Removed several obsolete localization strings.
- Fixed a bug that got party and raid players out of range detected as npc's.
- Changed the target of target color of party members from purple to yellow. This was done to remove the confusion with players from your guild having a purple guild tag as well.

Changes 2.34 | 2007 Jan 11
- Changed the TOC to 20003 to make it compatible with the latest 2.0.3 client.
- Fixed a bug that could result in the normal GameTooltip to show when the TipBuddy tooltip was being hidden. This was caused by search patterns not being ignored in unit names.
- Corrected a bug that could happen when copying extra lines into the TipBuddy tooltip, lines mostly added by other mods.
- Fixed a bug that could cause units to have their realm listed twice when targeting them using special units.
- Added support for other unitframes, including the Blizzard raid UI.
- Fixed a bug that didn't color a unit tip's target pink, if they were targeting someone in your party.
- Some various code optimations.

Changes 2.33 | 2007 Jan 06
- Unfriendly units should now be colored in the "caution" color.
- Added two new variables for advanced mode: "$rl" being realm and "$st" being status which shows AFK/DND.
- It's now possible to disable unit frame hooks for unit tips using slash command "/tipbuddy hookunitframes", a bit experimental, might be buggy?
- Removed old obsolete slash command parameter "rankname".
- Improved tooltips handling for Unit Frames.
- Fixed the Unit Frame hack in the TargetFrame. No more normal tooltips when you mouseover health and mana bar.

Changes 2.32 | 2006 Dec 16
- Realm and AFK/DND now shows in compact mode as well.
- Replaced unit frame hooks with secure hooks.
- Added more position options for when you anchor the tooltip to the cursor. Also increased the offsets to 100 units.
- Unit tips should now show health and mana bars in Compact mode when targeting in a unitframe.
- Fixed a bug in compact and advanced mode which made the unit tips display invalid information.
- PvP Rank Title no longer has to be enabled to show realm or AFK / DND of a player (Oops!).
- Should no longer show the realm twice when targeting players in your party.

Changes 2.31 | 2006 Dec 12
- Now uses the unlocalized class string so the classes set in the "localization.lua" is obsolete and has been removed.
- Added a reset button to the color selection, as colors can be quite tricky to pick,
  and you might want to reset them without any other option.
- Changed the class colors to use the RAID_CLASS_COLORS (Blizzard UI) by default.
- Made a quick fix to the "MobHealth_PPP" error when having MobHealth2 installed.
  Will look further into this later to see what changed in MobHealth.
- Fixed some table and gfind errors.
- Will now show if players are AFK or DND (not both).

Changes 2.3 | 2006 Dec 10
- Updated TOC to 20000 - WoW Client 2.0.1.
- Shows realm of players in battlegrounds.
- Added the new factions for the Burning Crusade.
- Fixed the buff/debuff icons not showing correct.